Ballet is taught in all dance classes.  Plus tap & jazz.

For our youngest dance classes we teach 1st and 2nd position ballet on center floor.  We do not go to the barre.

These students progress to moves across the floor. Chasse and Saute Arabasque are taught.

Our older students are taught ballet positions and combinations at the barre and across the floor.  Ballet terminology is taught and explained.

Older students are also taught a combination of turns across the floor.

For the older dancer,  two-hour classes consist of 40 minutes of ballet.  A one hour class consist of 15-20 minutes of ballet.

One hour classes which include ballet, tap & jazz tuition:  $40.00 monthly

Two hour classes which include ballet, tap & jazz tuition:  $55.00 monthy

If a dancer wants to include an extra class such as hip hop or tumbling, an additional $30.00 is added to monthly tuition.

We highly encourage a student to be enrolled in a dance class before adding hip hop or tumbling.  If a child only wants tumbling or hip hop, this would be considered a 1 hour class.  Monthly tuition:  $40.00