About Dietrich Dance Studio, LLC

Gloria and Daria

Daria Ehler (left) and Gloria Dietrich (right)

Dietrich Dance Studio first began in the family room of the home of Gloria Dietrich. It then graduated to a studio in the basement before moving into a brand new studio in 1981. Dietrich Dance Studio’s first recitals were held on the patio in the Dietrich’s back yard. Later, recitals were held at Crystal City High School Theater and Jefferson College Fine Arts Theater. Today, Affton High School Theater is home to their annual recital. Dietrich Dance Studio will begin their 38th year of dance this fall, 2016.

Gloria Dietrich – Founder
Gloria Dietrich was born to dance. Literally. At 4 years of age, she began to tap dance, which came as a big surprise to her parents. They decided to give her dance lessons. At the age of 5, Ms. Dietrich was dancing on stage and performing in costumes made by her mother. Her sister kept a scrapbook of her 110 performances between the ages of 5 and 13. Growing up, Ms. Dietrich danced throughout Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky. She performed at churches, hotels, hospitals, tea parties, plays and the Smith Tent Show. In 1947, Ms. Dietrich married and went on to have four children over the course of 21 years of a happy marriage. When her husband died at age 41, she decided to continue dancing by opening Dietrich Dance Studio with her daughter Daria Ehler.