We Love Dance at Dietrich Dance Studio

Since our daughter has started at Dietrich Dance Studio, her confidence has sky rocketed.  Each year she learns structure as well as just having fun! Gloria, Daria and Vanessa have made each week just a joy for Brooke.  I really do appreciate all the work the instructors have done throughout the year to get the girls ready for the big recital in June.

My granddaughter, Emma, is entering her fifth year of dance at Dietrich…and there is no studio, near or far, I would rather she attend! Whether it be the finely polished skill of Miss Daria, Ms. Vanessa’s boundless energy and passion for dance or the undeniable, timeless grace of Ms. Gloria, all three of these ladies (and their hand selected assistants!) are truly beautiful to behold. While it is true that great dancers are born and not made, the ladies at Dietrich nurture that love of dance with their very own hearts and souls. No one who teaches or dances at Dietrich ever seems to lose that excitement or sense of wonder. I am so grateful that our Emma has been fortunate enough to be a part of their dance “family”!

There is only one weekend around our house that generates as much as excitement as Christmas Day and Super Bowl Sunday and that is Dietrich Dance recital weekend. We are grateful to have Gloria and Daria to teach our daughters dance and even more grateful to have them in our daughters’ lives as role models. Our daughters learn life lessons, how to work hard toward a goal and how to succeed from them. Their positive energy and outlook can’t help but influence everyone that knows them. Cassie, Anna and Shelby will always be better people because of the time they have spent there.

We love the time and attention that the ladies at Dietrich’s Dance give to the girls. The expectations are such that the girls come away with technical understanding of the dances they are learning, as well as a lot of fun. The communication with parents is awesome; anytime I have a question or need, they are quick and eager to respond. Love it!!

My daughter attended the Princess Camp this summer. She had a great time!! She looked forward to it, even during our vacation. She enjoyed learning the dances as well as doing crafts to be used during their performance at the end of the camp. The performance was adorable and you could tell the children really had a blast!

My daughter has been dancing at Dietrich’s since age 2. She is now 13 and can’t imagine her life without it! She loves to perform and has great self-confidence. These great traits, she has learned while being Daria and Gloria’s student!

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