“Frozen” Princess Camp

Frozen Princess Camp

This year we held three camps, two camps were for beginners and one camp was held for our “intermediate” dancers who had attended camp and regular dance classes in the past.  Students learned a ballet routine to “Let It Go” theme song from the movie, “Frozen”.  Dancers also worked on ballet positions, ballet terms and recognized the spelling of these terms and technique.

Camp was for the 3-4-5-6 year old dancers.  These students  performed chasses, saute arabesque, and turns across the floor.  A prop made of a ring and ribbon was used during their routine.  Our Intermediate Class of  young dancers started their class at the ballet barre and worked on strengthening their feet with tendus and grand battements.  Dancers all received a frozen tiara, pencil, coloring book and stickers.

The last half hour of the last day of camp, dancers performed their routine and various combinations for their parents.

Camp was very productive!  Thank you all for participating!